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How it works
You simply provide a link to your visitors from your website. Any visitors which result from someone clicking on your link will refer them to Oo2 sites. Your website URL will be automatically linked back on position #1 on our main page to your website.

A visitor been referred from our website, but our URL was not displayed, why?
There are two reasons, why this may happen:
- Bad Linking, Links must be HTML link other linking may not work, e.g. PHP driven links.
 - Visitor already visited our websites, we only accept unique visitors.

What URL address do I need to link back to?
Link back must be linked to our main page (http://www.oo2.net) from anywhere on your website, any links to our sub domains will not work.

Where can I place the link on our website and where will it be linked back to?
All link back can be placed anywhere on your website, we only link back to your website URL provided below.

 BONUS  After one hundred refers we automatically submit your website to our search engine, and it remains as long as you have a link back to our site, usual cost is 5.95 per domain submission.

If you need further assistance, please use [Customer service] link found at the bottom of this page.

Its instant activation, simply submit this form and place a link back and your done!
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